Pokemon Too Many Types

Pokemon Too Many Types is an English GBA ROM Hack of Pokemon Fire Red created by Kobazco, marinepez, and CannonsCreative, and commissioned by Alphared. You can now download it, with the latest update released on September 17, 2023.

Pokemon Too Many Types GBA ROM Information

  • Creators: Kobazco, marinepez, and CannonsCreative
  • Version: 1.6
  • Based on: Pokemon Emerald
  • Last Update: September 17, 2023

Gameplay Changes

  • Added 44 new types, bringing the total to 62
  • Introduced 118 brand-new moves
  • Altered the types of 180 existing moves
  • Pokemon can now have up to three types simultaneously
  • Crafted a regional dex featuring 295 Pokemon, each with unique types

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  • Gym Leaders and Elite Four members now employ the new types in battles
  • Non-gym and non-rival trainers boast randomized teams, with the degree of randomness adjusted according to their strength
  • New cutscenes have been added to obtain specific event Pokemon, including Gen8 Fossil Pokemon


  • Added an infinite Rare Candy key item
  • Included an Escape Rope key item for convenience
  • In-battle, press L to view the enemy party
  • Implemented a double press of B to quickly escape from battles
  • Pokemon can now relearn moves directly from the party screen
  • Incorporates the latest generation mechanics and Pokemon stats
  • The Ability Patch and Ability Capsule are available for purchase at most marts
  • HM Items (credit: NobodySociety) have been introduced
  • Infinite availability of TMs
  • Slight adjustments to evolution methods
  • Trade Evolutions now occur with the use of a Link Cable Item
  • Trade Evolutions with items (e.g., Slowpoke to Slowking with Kings Rock) only require the respective item, similar to evolution stones
  • Evolutionary stages:
  • Scraggy evolves into Scrafty at level 28
  • Elgyem evolves into Beheeyem at level 33
  • Kling evolves into Klang at level 25, then Klang evolves into Klinklang at level 35
  • Axew evolves into Fraxure at level 30, followed by Haxorus at level 44
  • Rufflet evolves into Braviary at level 30
  • Vullaby evolves into Mandibuzz at level 30
  • Deino evolves into Zweilous at level 38, and Zweilous evolves into Hydreigon at level 50
  • Lavaridge Town now sells all evolution stones
  • Lilycove Department Store offers all evolutionary items for purchase
  • Battle items are now available at Lilycove Department Store


  • Dream type Pokemon cannot be put to sleep
  • Dance type Pokemon cannot be paralyzed
  • Fluffy type Pokemon cannot be frozen
  • Silly type Pokemon cannot be confused
  • Bad type Pokemon cannot be burned
  • Gamer type Pokemon are immune to sandstorm
  • Boring type Pokemon raise Special Defense on turns where they fail to attack
  • Pikachu type is the only type that can use Pikachu moves
  • Reverse type Pokemon reverse the type effectiveness of any moves targeting them
  • Type type Pokemon double type modifiers


  • Anorith can be obtained through a trade with the trainer in Rustboro City
  • Lileep can be acquired through a trade with the trainer in Fortree City
  • Mew can be found after obtaining Thunderbolt, by checking under the truck next to Slateport Museum
  • Latios roams the map after obtaining Surf, and it won’t flee if you use Fly; it has a 33% chance of moving when the player changes map sections
  • Gen8 Fossils can be found at Mirage Tower, and the fossils not initially chosen will be available at the desert underpass
  • Galarian Ponyta can be obtained through an egg from Lavaridge Town
  • Munchlax can be obtained through a trade with the trainer in Pacifidlog Town

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