Pokemon Summer Splash

Pokemon Summer Splash is an exciting GBA ROM Hack by Joexv, based on the beloved Pokemon Emerald. Dive into this refreshing Pokemon adventure, now available for download and ready to provide you with endless summer thrills!

Pokemon Summer Splash GBA ROM Information

  • Creator: Joexv
  • Version: Beta 1.3
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Language: English

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Creator’s Note

Hey there, fellow trainers! Joexv here with my latest Holiday(ish) Hack, SUMMER SPLASH! While I initially aimed for a release on the Summer Solstice, life had other plans. Nevertheless, I’m thrilled to share this hack with you now. Get ready for some sunny Pokemon fun!

Embark on a Summer Adventure

  • Find yourself alone on a stormy Summer’s Eve, only to encounter a magical creature in need.
  • Join the quest to save her kingdom from the sinister MerPeople of the Other Kingdom.
  • Captured by those you sought to save, you’re forced into battles for their cause.
  • Fight alongside other trainers to bring peace and prosperity back to the land.


  • No Gyms, but thrilling arenas await!
  • Brace yourself for optional PC death – fail as a trainer, and face execution!
  • Battle arenas endlessly, with surprises unfolding after repeated victories.
  • Pokemon from generations 4 and 5 make their appearance.
  • Experience 6 available arenas in the initial release, with more to come!
  • Encounter Kind Merpeople, who may or may not be as friendly as they seem.
  • No PokeDex means no worries about tracking Pokemon sightings.
  • Discover an underwater daycare that will turn your world upside down!
  • Gary Oak?? Yes, he might just make an appearance!
  • Prepare for paradoxes simply by being a girl trainer.
  • Bask in the Summer sun at the beach with your Pokemon.
  • Visit familiar Pokemon towns/cities just days before the events of Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire.
  • Get ready for a laugh with a collection of jokes.
  • Encounter magical unicorns that might grant your wildest dreams – or not.
  • Take on Team Magma and Team Aqua in thrilling battles.
  • Witness trainers come back to life as if by magic.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a Physical/Special split.
  • Gain experience after capturing Pokemon.

Known Bugs

  • High-level trainers on the top floor of the Volcano Arena.
  • Minor alignment issue with the child in the ??? Arena (not game-breaking).

Status: Bug fixes are in progress, and the final version, along with the last arena, is scheduled for release in September. Dive into the fun of Pokemon Summer Splash now!

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