Pokemon Stone Dragon 3

Pokemon Stone Dragon 3, a captivating GBA Rom Hack created by Ricardo and the Stone Team, invites you to explore the Unova Region like never before. With Pokemon from the first to the sixth generation, this game promises a thrilling adventure. Journey alongside Ash Ketchum, whose guidance is crucial to your success.

Pokemon Stone Dragon 3 GBA ROM Information

  • Creator: Ricardo, Stone Team
  • Version: Complete
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Language: English & PT-BR
  • Updated: July 22, 2023

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About the Game

  • Embark on a quest in the Unova Region, where you’ll encounter Pokemon from the first to the sixth generation.
  • Throughout your journey, Ash Ketchum will be your constant companion, providing valuable assistance.
  • Your character choice determines your starting Pokemon. Team Plasma, the villainous group, aims to liberate Pokemon, including yours if you lose to them.
  • Start your adventure with shiny, perfect IV Unova starters.
  • Discover shiny Pokemon on routes and even purchase them.
  • After defeating GYM leaders, the in-game Mart undergoes transformations, offering new items.
  • Mega Evolution is the primary game mechanic.
  • Acquire the DEXNAV after defeating the first GYM leader, and pay attention to in-game dialogues.
  • Obtain the IVs and EVs VISOR in the lab.
  • Utilizes Fire Red CFRU (Complete Fire Red Upgrade) + DPE (Dynamic Pokémon Expansion).

Trainer Pix

  • Inclusion of Trainer Pix, individuals who supported the project and became in-game trainers.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues related to movesets causing visual disturbances.
  • Note that using FLY will take you to Pokemon Centers to ensure Ash continues following you.
  • Avoid using FLY while surfing to prevent display errors.

Support the Project

  • The game is available for free, but if you enjoyed it and wish to contribute, consider donating 5.00 Reais to the project.


  • Experience a new storyline and explore a fresh region.
  • Encounter Pokemon from the 1st to the 6th Generation.
  • Enjoy enhanced graphics.
  • Mega Evolution adds depth to battles.
  • Utilize the DexNave to your advantage.
  • Beware, Team Plasma can steal one of your Pokemon if you lose.
  • Your starter Pokemon shines brightly with perfect IVs.

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