Pokemon Polka Aqua 3

Pokemon Polka Aqua 3, an impressive GBA Rom Hack by LatiosAzurill, continues the captivating story set in the Pokemon universe. This exciting game is available for download now, with the latest update released on July 26, 2023.

Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 GBA ROM Information

  • Creator: LatiosAzurill
  • Version: 3.0
  • Hack of: Pokemon Ruby
  • Last Updated: July 26, 2023


Experience an enthralling journey filled with mysteries, adventures, and interactions with characters from various TV shows and movies in the Pokemon world. Uncover the true nature of Pokemon evolution and your role in this unique universe. After rescuing Professor Palm, it’s time to embark on an adventure that continues the story from Pokemon Polka Aqua, all while saving the world and training your Pokemon!

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  • New Story: Immerse yourself in an entirely new narrative.
  • Continuation of the Plot: The game seamlessly carries on the plot from the previous titles.
  • Crossover with TV and Movie Characters: Characters from popular television shows and movies drive the game’s storyline.
  • Post-Game Storyline: Enjoy additional adventures beyond the main game.
  • Expanded World: Explore new locations across the map.
  • New Starting Location: Begin your adventure from a fresh and exciting location.
  • Diverse Pokemon Roster: Encounter a variety of Pokemon from all generations.
  • Physical/Special Division: Experience the physical and special move split.
  • Fairy Type Included: Harness the power of Fairy-type Pokemon.
  • Gym Leader Challenges: Challenge Gym Leaders in Single or Double Battle Format (chosen randomly).
  • 12 Unique Gyms: Tackle 12 different Gyms during the main game.
  • Dual-Type Gyms: The second half of the Gyms feature two types simultaneously.
  • Customizable Gym Leader Names: Rename Gym Leaders after completing the game.
  • Elite Four Strategy: Elite Four members focus on strategies rather than types.
  • Shiny Pokemon: Discover customized shiny palettes for various Pokemon.
  • Increased Brightness Chances: Enhance your chances of encountering shiny Pokemon.
  • Exclusive Starter Pokemon: Choose from a unique set of starter Pokemon.
  • Reverse Stone: Use the Reverse Stone to de-evolve your Pokemon.
  • HM-Free Travel: Easily navigate the map without the need for HM moves.
  • Shapeshifting Pokemon: Experience shapeshifting for many Pokemon, including Alolan, Galarian, and Hisuian forms.
  • Modified Secondary Types: Certain Pokemon receive new or modified secondary types.
  • New Movesets: Enjoy updated movesets for most Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Buffs: Benefit from increased base stats and power for most Pokemon.
  • Improved Move Power: Witness improvements in the basic power of most moves.
  • TM Changes: Discover changes to certain TMs, making them more useful.
  • Evolution Method Tweaks: Experience changes to certain Pokemon’s evolution methods.
  • New Evolution Stones: Add Ice Stone, Bright Stone, Twilight Stone, and Dawn Stone to your collection.
  • Form-Changing Items: Use specific items to change Pokemon forms.
  • Reusable TMs: Enjoy the convenience of reusable TMs.
  • Enhanced Repel System: Get prompted to use another Repel and select its type when one expires.
  • Useful Retained Items: Benefit from new and useful retained items.
  • Market Discounts: Find cheaper items in markets.
  • Expanded Market Selection: Explore a larger selection of items available in markets.
  • Unique Post-Game Gym: Challenge a post-game gym with a twist.
  • Lite Version Available: A Lite version of the game with minimal changes to stats and base power is also available.

Explore the Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 universe and embark on a thrilling adventure like never before!

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