Pokemon Pathways

Pokemon Pathways is an innovative fan-made game developed by Gray Hatred, introducing a variety of new features and character attributes. The game is readily available for download, with its latest update released on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

Pokemon Pathways ROM Information

  • Developer: Gray Hatred
  • Created with: RPG Maker
  • Version: Pokemon Pathways Alpha v6.6.1
  • Last Update: 7/25/23

Discover the Intriguing World of Pokemon Pathways

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of Pokemon Pathways? Created by the talented individual known as Gray-_-Hatred in 2021, this fan-made Pokemon game promises a unique and captivating experience that’s sure to delight Pokemon enthusiasts.

Get Ready to Dive In!

Let’s not waste any more time! Join us as we delve into the plot details and features that make Pokemon Pathways a truly remarkable game.

Unraveling the Plot

Throughout generations, Pokemon has followed a familiar formula: start your adventure by receiving a starter Pokemon from the professor, capture wild Pokemon, conquer Gym Leaders, overcome the Elite 4, and ultimately claim the title of Champion. Along the way, you might even encounter legendary Pokemon that add to the excitement. This format has become synonymous with Pokemon games, offering a tried-and-true experience that players have cherished for years.

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Enhance Your Pokemon Pathways Experience

Explore the exciting world of Pokemon Pathways with these game-changing features and choices. Get ready to dive into a unique adventure where your decisions shape your destiny.

Revamped Water Splashes

Say goodbye to the old water splashes as Pokemon Pathways introduces a fresh and improved water experience.

Convenient Evolution

In this fan-made game, Combee and Salandit are exclusively female for your evolution convenience, making your gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

Aesthetic Updates

Experience the game with new overworlds, sprites, and other graphical enhancements that breathe new life into your Pokemon Pathways journey.

Multi-Save Functionality

No need to worry about overwriting your progress! Pokemon Pathways offers the convenience of multiple save files, allowing you to explore different paths and outcomes without losing your main progress.

Discover New Locations

Venture into exciting new locations within the game, expanding your horizons and uncovering hidden secrets.

Your Choices Matter

Pokemon Pathways places a significant emphasis on player choices. Your decisions in the game have real consequences, shaping your journey and outcomes, just like in real life.

Character Stats

Your character’s development is determined by various stats, including Intelligence, Strength, Charm, and Skill. These stats evolve based on your in-game choices and significantly impact your abilities and progress.

  • Intelligence: Enhance your smartness to access higher rank classes and discover the unknown.
  • Strength: Strengthen your physical prowess to interact with objects in the game effectively.
  • Charm: Boost your attractiveness to increase your success in various interactions, including encounters with Legendary Pokemon.
  • Skill: Develop your skills as a Pokemon trainer to unlock more wild Pokemon and engage in challenging battles.

Manage Your Energy

Keep an eye on your character’s Energy stat, which dictates how many actions you can perform in a day. Engaging in different activities will consume your Energy. When it’s running low, you’ll have the option to rest and start a new day.

Time Passes with Interactions

Interactions in the game affect the passage of time. The more interactions you have in a day, the more time progresses. Time is reset daily to keep your adventure dynamic.

Reputation Matters

Your in-game choices also impact your Reputation, determining whether you gain positive or negative alignment. NPCs may treat you differently based on your Reputation level.

Unlock Academy Perks

Winning Club activities in the game will grant you various permanent perks. With a total of 13 perks available, choose wisely as you can only have two at a time.

Build NPC Affinity

Bond with fellow students as some NPCs in your class offer valuable interactions. Develop affinity with them through daily conversations and battles, unlocking future interactions and rewards.

Embrace the Schooling System

As a student at the academy, you must complete homework on time and attend classes from Monday to Friday. Failure to do so will result in detention, and accumulating enough detentions can lead to expulsion.

Strategic Save Points

In Pokemon Pathways, you can only save the game when you sleep to start a new day or visit Poke Centers. This feature encourages thoughtful decision-making, as there’s no going back or redoing without forfeiting a day’s progress.

Multiple Save Files

With the option to create up to 8 different save files, you can explore the myriad choices and outcomes available in Pokemon Pathways without compromising your main progress.

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