Pokemon Gym Manager

Step into the role of a Pokémon Gym Manager with this exciting fan-created game, giving you control over your very own Pokémon Gym. Download it now and enjoy the latest update, which was released on Tuesday, October 20, 2023.

Pokemon Gym Manager Rom Information

  • Creator: Developed by ForTheShip
  • Built with: RPG Maker
  • Version: Beta v2
  • Last Update: October 20, 2023


Manage Your Small Town Pokemon Gym – Become a Reputable Gym Leader

Are you up for the challenge of managing a brand-new Pokemon Gym in a humble small town? Take on the role of Gym Leader and oversee a team of Gym Trainers each day. Your mission: transform your gym into a respected institution and earn accreditation.

Daily Challenges and Upgrades

Every day, eager competitors will line up to challenge your Gym and its skilled trainers. After each successful day, you can make upgrades to the gym, using prize money to enhance your Gym Trainers’ teams. You have multiple options, including purchasing items and TMs or adopting new Pokemon to strengthen your trainers.

Randomized Progression

Experience the excitement of a completely randomized gym progression, from the Pokemon type of your gym to the trainers you face each day. Skill and strategy play a vital role in making the best decisions and preparing for daily challenges, as I discovered during my game testing.

AI-Controlled Gym Trainers

Your Gym Trainers are controlled by AI during battles. They all start with a skill level of 1, which can be enhanced with random “Skill Ups” from the daily upgrade selection. As trainers improve, they become adept at exploiting type mismatches, while beginners are more prone to errors.

Permadeath Challenge

In the spirit of a true roguelike experience, if all of your Gym Trainers are defeated in a day, it’s game over. The challenge continues infinitely, with a climactic “final boss” encounter awaiting you on day 100. Are you ready to test your skills as a Gym Leader in this thrilling adventure?

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