Pokemon Fusion 3

Pokemon Fusion 3, a GBA ROM hack created by Grillo & Lugre, is built upon the foundation of Pokemon Emerald. This hack introduces unique Pokemon fusions, including those from the Alola region. You can access the Pokemon Fusion 3 download through MediaFire links.

Pokemon Fusion 3 Rom Information

  • Created by: Grillo & Lugre
  • Status: Finished
  • Based on: Pokemon Emerald
  • Last Updated: December 24, 2021
  • Language: English


Embark on your journey from the quaint Littleroot town, where your mission is to assist the region’s professor and earn yourself a set of brand-new starter Pokemon as a token of gratitude. This marks the beginning of your adventure in the Pokemon – Fusion 3 ROM game for GBA, where the fusion of two or more Pokemon takes center stage.

In this Pokemon Emerald ROM hack, you’ll discover a staggering collection of over 170 new fusions, including an exclusive event legendary fusion. The entirety of the Hoenn region’s Pokemon roster has been revamped with these unique fusions, and each legendary Pokemon from Hoenn now has its fusion counterpart. Additionally, players can enjoy mini-sprites of every fusion creature and explore the lore and detailed descriptions within the Pokemon Dex.

Fusion 3 invites you into an entirely novel gaming experience, brimming with captivating theatrics and breathtaking introductions. Dive into the world of wild legendary Pokemon fusions within the Pokemon – Fusion 3 ROM game for Game Boy Advance, now readily available for free download and play on your preferred emulator.

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Explore the world of fusion in this exciting game, where only fusion Pokemon are featured. With 164 new fusion combinations to uncover, you’ll be in for a one-of-a-kind experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Miniaturized Fusion Art: Enjoy detailed minisprites for every fusion creature, adding depth to your gaming experience.
  • Legendary Fusion: Witness the merging of all Hoenn legends through fusion, creating powerful and unique Pokemon.
  • Fusion Overworlds: Encounter these fascinating fusion creatures in the game world with their distinct overworld appearances.
  • Shine Bright with Shiny Variants: Collect fusion Pokemon in all their shiny glory, adding a touch of rarity to your collection.
  • Masterful Abilities: Explore the diverse abilities, attacks, and statistical attributes of each fusion, offering strategic gameplay possibilities.
  • Deep Dive into Lore: Immerse yourself in the rich lore and detailed descriptions found in the Pokemon Dex for every amalgamation.
  • Legendary Events Await: Engage in exciting legendary events that are scattered throughout the game, providing thrilling challenges and rewards.

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