Pokemon Floral Tempus

Pokémon Floral Tempus, an English fan game crafted by Juno and Ice using RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials, is now available for download. The most recent update was on October 18, 2022.

Pokemon Floral Tempus Fan Game Information

  • Language: English
  • Creator: Juno and Ice
  • Version: v1.9.4
  • System: RPG Maker XP
  • Update: October 18, 2022


Experience the enchanting yet deeply corrupted Rialtra region, where beauty hides beneath layers of pervasive corruption. As a seasoned trainer, you’re ready to embark on your journey, leaving behind the Greenleaf Orphanage. Alongside your friends Faye and Del, you set out to uncover Rialtra’s rich history. However, the nefarious Team Blight has cast its shadow upon the region, threatening its very existence. In the face of adversity, your strength and intelligence will be put to the test. With each passing challenge, your determination and endurance will be pushed to their limits. As the region you call home faces impending doom, will you rise against the odds and stand as its savior?


  • Dive into a captivating, original storyline tailored for a mature audience, offering a fresh perspective on the Pokémon universe.

Challenge Your Limits

  • Embrace heightened challenges, surpassing those found in mainstream Pokémon games. Plan your team compositions meticulously for crucial battles in this demanding adventure.

New Evolution Methods

  • Witness new evolution methods: Pokémon previously requiring trade can now evolve using a Trade Stone or trade Held Items as evolution catalysts (e.g., Sachet for Spritzee or Metal Coat for Scyther).


Discover the exciting enhancements introduced in Floral Tempus EX:

Fresh Sprites

  • Enjoy revamped and updated sprites for numerous Pokémon, bringing them to life with vibrant new visuals.

Following Pokémon

  • Experience a whole new level of immersion as Pokémon now trail behind you on your journey.

Revamped Maps

  • Rediscover Rialtra with completely redesigned maps and revamped events, breathing new life into your exploration.

Balanced Trainer Battles

  • Encounter balanced trainer levels that cater to both casual and hardcore players, ensuring a fair and engaging experience.

HM Items

  • Bid farewell to the hassles of irremovable HM moves as HM items simplify your travels in Rialtra.

Master Berry Farming

  • Cultivate and harvest your own berries throughout Rialtra using berry patches scattered across the region.

Level Caps and Badge Progression

  • Challenge yourself further with level caps that halt Pokémon from gaining experience once reached. Earn badges to raise the level cap and enhance your team.

Join us on a journey through the captivating world of Rialtra in Pokémon: The New Order – Floral Tempus EX!

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