Pokemon Energized Emerald

Unleash the electrifying power of Pokemon Energized Emerald, a remarkable GBA ROM Hack by Land0fChocolate, based on Pokemon Emerald in English. Dive into a revamped and enhanced adventure that stays true to the original game’s spirit, with the latest update released on August 20, 2023.

Pokemon Energized Emerald GBA ROM Information

  • Creator: Land0fChocolate
  • Version: v1.0.20
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: August 20, 2023
  • Progress: Up to the 3rd Gym

An Enhanced Adventure Awaits

  • Gameplay Overhaul: Experience dynamic battles with Pokemon capable of having up to three concurrent abilities, adding depth and excitement to every encounter.
  • Quality-of-Life Improvements: Say goodbye to the hassle of teaching HMs to Pokemon, as the game streamlines obstacle traversal with badge requirements and compatible Pokemon.
  • Effortless Team Building: Speed up the process of assembling your dream team with the availability of potent vitamins, IV-boosting services, and the option to purchase Rare Candies.
  • Expanded Overworld: Explore bustling urban areas, intricate dungeons, and new regions teeming with Pokemon not found in vanilla Emerald.

Discover More Features

  • Story Evolution: Immerse yourself in a revamped storyline with elements from ORAS and an exciting post-game narrative.
  • Gym Leaders with Perks: Gym Leaders offer additional services and rewards, making your interactions more rewarding.
  • Item Enhancements: Enjoy tweaks to items like Quick Claw, vitamins, and TMs, as well as new shops and expanded inventory.
  • Daily Berry Bonanza: Receive daily berry giveaways, including rare and newer generation berries.
  • Mega Evolution Unleashed: Unlock Mega Evolution after conquering the post-game and achieving all gold Battle Frontier symbols.

Game Updates

  • Surfing Encounter Rates: Encounter rarer Pokemon with updated surfing encounter rates.
  • Frontier Pokemon Balance: Stats for several Frontier Pokemon have been adjusted for better balance.
  • Bug Fixes: Several bug fixes, including text and move-related issues.
  • New Moves and Abilities: Introducing new moves and abilities for a fresh gameplay experience.

A Comprehensive Pokemon Experience

  • Pokemon Variety: Encounter and capture all Pokemon from generations 1 to 3, including regional variants.
  • Multi-Language Support: Play in Brazilian Portuguese, English, or Spanish.
  • Level-Up Enhancements: Pokemon evolve earlier, and new evolution methods are introduced.
  • No More HM Frustration: Traverse obstacles with the required badge and a compatible Pokemon.
  • Legendary Pokemon Galore: Repeatedly acquire Legendary and Mythical Pokemon.
  • Improved Wild Encounters: Experience double battles and encounter high-level wild Pokemon.
  • Continued Story: Enjoy a post-game storyline that keeps the adventure going.
  • Mega Evolution and More: Utilize Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, and Dynamax features in battles.
  • Quality Graphics: Explore a visually enhanced world with updated overworld sprites and environments.

Prepare to embark on an electrifying journey with Pokemon Energized Emerald, where enhanced gameplay and exciting updates await!

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