Pokemon Emerald Rogue

Pokemon Emerald Rogue is an English-language GBA Rom Hack created by Pokabbie, utilizing the foundation of Pokemon Emerald. You can download it now, with the latest update released on January 2, 2022.

Pokemon Emerald Rogue GBA ROM Information

  • Creator: Pokabbie
  • Version: v1.3.2a
  • Based on: Pokémon Emerald
  • Updated: January 2, 2022


Are you ready to embark on your Pokemon Emerald Rogue adventure? Before you dive in, let’s explore the two available versions: ‘Expanded (Ex)’ and ‘Vanilla.’ Each version offers a unique gaming experience.

Expanded (Ex) Version

  • Highly Recommended: For those seeking the ultimate Pokemon journey.
  • Based on RH-Hideout Emerald.
  • Explore new skills, abilities, and battle features.
  • Discover a wide array of items, fairy types, and special splits.
  • Dive into a world of mods and improvements.

Vanilla Version

  • The standard Emerald game experience.
  • No additional changes to the base game.
  • Encounter subtle differences throughout your adventure.

The Plot Unveiled

In the world of Pokemon Emerald Rogue, your progress is defined by the adventures, battles, and encounters you strategically navigate. Journey through routes, complete missions, and face Gym leaders on your path to glory.

Rising Challenges

As you advance in Pokemon Emerald Rogue, battles become increasingly challenging. Levels rise, and tougher setups await, as trainers and Gym leaders select you as their opponent. Defeat them to pave your way to the championship!

A Fresh Start

Failing a battle or being unable to win redirects you to the hub, where you can choose your starter Pokemon and begin anew. Even if you win, you return to the hub, where you select permanent items and starter Pokemon for your next run.

Hub Advantages

The hub serves as your base of operations, where you can prepare for your run by utilizing various buildings and interacting with game NPCs. Train diligently to enhance your readiness for upcoming battles.

Claim the Badge

Your ultimate goal in Pokemon Emerald Rogue is to acquire a coveted Badge. Prove your skills and determination in battles to achieve this milestone.

Exploring the Hub

But what exactly is the hub? It’s where your adventure begins. In this central location, you can store your Pokemon, purchase items, assemble and modify your teams, and more.

Choose Your Path

Select the route you’ll embark on after leaving the hub. These routes are procedurally generated, offering diverse Pokemon encounters in various regions.

Return to the Hub

Feel free to return to the hub at any time for training and further preparations to bolster your strength for upcoming battles.

Mastering the Timeline

The duration of your run varies based on your playstyle and strategies. Whether you dedicate an entire day or just a few hours, the choice is yours. A complete run typically takes around 3-4 in-game hours, with the option to save and resume your adventure at any time.


Explore the exciting features introduced in Pokemon Emerald Rogue:

  • Routes are randomly chosen for added unpredictability.
  • Procedurally placed items and trainers keep you on your toes.
  • Encounter wild Pokemon and rare legendary creatures.
  • Unlock buildings and NPCs in the hub area for training.
  • Customize your character and access various in-game settings, including trainer mode and difficulty levels.
  • Experience seeded mode and discover Galarian forms.
  • Unlock in-game mega evolution capabilities.
  • Capture Pokemon in Safari mode during your runs and use them as Starters later on.

Prepare to embark on your Pokemon Emerald Rogue journey, choosing your path and embracing these exciting features. It’s time to become a Pokemon Champion!

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