Pokemon Containment

Pokemon Containment, a fan-made game by Lichen, boasts numerous new features and functions, including character attributes. It’s currently available for download, with the most recent update on Tuesday, September 17, 2023

Pokemon Containment Fan Game Information

  • Creator: Lichen
  • Made in: RPG Maker
  • Version: Pokemon Containment v1.04 (Completed)
  • Updated: 9/07/23

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Scientific Center for Anomalous Lifeform Defense (SCALD)

  • Mission: At SCALD, we’re dedicated to preserving normalcy by studying and containing anomalous Pokémon.


  • Choose Your Character: Play as one of three aspiring SCALD researchers (Aoichi, Anji, & Miaya) recently hired and eager to establish their reputation.
  • Face Formidable Foes: Battles in Pokémon Containment draw inspiration from “boss rush” games and Pokémon Raid battles. Anomalous Pokémon are formidable at level 100 with boosted HP stats, but you’ll rely on strength in numbers.
  • Build Your Team: For each mission, select 2 Pokémon from a diverse rental pool specifically curated for researchers. Additionally, SCALD provides free access to TMs and a Move Relearner, offering strategic flexibility.
  • Diverse Strategies: Customize your team, experiment with different Pokémon choices, and play with your favorites. Every player’s team will be unique.

Other Details

  • Game Development: Created using Pokémon Essentials v18 and the Pokémon Essentials GBC plugin by Xaveriux.
  • Special Thanks: Acknowledgments to Zygoat and Nue for their valuable assistance with dialogue.

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