Pokemon Azume

Discover Pokemon Azume, a fan-made game crafted by Tomix9tomix using Pokemon Essentials for RPGMakerXP. You can download it right now, with the most recent update as of 2021-03-28.

Pokemon Azume Fan Game Information

  • Language: English
  • Creator: Tomix9tomix
  • Version: v1.3 Completed
  • System: RPG Maker XP
  • Last Update: 2021-03-28

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Explore the mystical world of dreams and destiny in this captivating Pokémon fan game. As a chosen one, your journey begins with a dream and unfolds into an epic quest to save the world. Discover the features that await you in this thrilling adventure.

Exciting Main Story

  • Immerse yourself in an exciting 2-3 hour main story that will take you on a journey to various captivating locales.

Introducing the “Reverseball”

  • Encounter a unique Pokeball known as the “Reverseball.” This innovative tool calculates catch rates using your Pokémon’s strength instead of the opposing Pokémon’s, offering a fresh twist on the art of capturing Pokémon.

HM Items for Added Convenience

  • Say goodbye to traditional HM moves. Access HM items for Cut, Surf, Strength, and Waterfall, simplifying your exploration and unlocking new possibilities.

Expansive World to Explore

  • Embark on an adventure filled with exploration and uncover hidden secrets as you traverse diverse landscapes.

Legendary and Mythical Pokémon Awaits

  • Challenge yourself to capture and collect all the Sinnoh Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Can you rise to the challenge and become a Pokémon master?

Screenshots Preview

  • Get a sneak peek of the game with revealing screenshots that offer a glimpse into the world of dreams and destiny.

Personal Reflection

  • Join us on a personal journey of game development as we share the ups and downs of creating this fan game. Experience the passion and dedication poured into this project, making it a true labor of love.

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